Skrill Money Adder 2013 v1.2

Skrill Money Adder

21.02.2015 – UPDATED

Skrill Money Adder 2013 v1.2 is an uniqe app made by KeyGensLand group. You can use it to add some money to your Skrill account. We found a lot adder in Internet but most of them are fake. We made our adder, which working in 100%. We add some security tweaks and some limits (once you can add max 15$), so our method is safe. 

How it works?



You cant be logged in, when you use adder!  When you add money, send it fast to another Skrill account other withdraw to bank.

REMEMBER: Use it smart & carefully!

No Adware Spyware Malware etc. Files are 100% clean.


Free Download

How to download

1. Click on DOWNLOAD NOW! button.

2. On new open site click Download Now.

3. Choose one survey from list and complete it.

4. Your download starts when you complete survey correct.

(Why survey?)

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9 Responses to “Skrill Money Adder 2013 v1.2”

  1. mike99 says:

    Thank you very much!

  2. jCDenton12 says:

    Finaly worked tool. Thanks alot!!!

  3. REmake says:

    Nice, great :)

  4. jean33 says:

    fonctionne lol fonctionne téléchargement rapide!

  5. grzegorzPL says:

    awesome shit! thanks man

  6. help me! i cant download it!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jack Odoniel says:

    Downloading it now… will test it out later

  8. kutansky says:

    that is exactly what I was looking for

  9. play3r says:


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